Trailer for a MMORPG video game
This is a short movie about the origins of the Kryxivia universe, an upcoming MMORPG game.​​​​​​​
We built this trailer in a two-minute sequence shot. It respects the codes of motion comic, used in video game references such as World of Warcraft.
This is a short edit from the animatic ↓
7 weeks of work for a result that we are proud to reveal to you.
Production : Studio Tattooin Beat - Rémi Agullo & Emile Boudghene
Direction : Pierre Lafouge & Quentin Dognon 
Music & Sound Design : Rémi Agullo & Emile Boudghene
Illustration : Quentin Dognon
Animation : Pierre Lafouge
Additional fire VFX : Robin Bouillet
Voice : Alex Huffman
Mixing Engineer : Nicolas Jean-Jean

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